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Click to Get FeaturedLike a true viking, Vikingo De Jerez (Australian flamenco guitarist) is well under way on his BULERIANDO tour of Australia. Armed with; an Andalusian Flamenco Guitar, one of Melbourne’s top flamenco dancers, two percussionists, and a new CD… Vikingo De Jerez (aka Rowland Schultz) will sail into Adelaide, with a very talented five-piece flamenco outfit, just in time for the 2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival this February.

Flamenco Adelaide Promethean


T’s COMMON FOR TALENTED FLAMENCO STARS to receive a flamenco stage name from their peers. Rowland’s stage name evolved from El Vikingo to Vikingo del Moro and then Vikingo De Jerez during his early associations with touring musicians (like The Gotan Project), flamenco gypsies and Australian flamencos. Flamenco names are often fun names. Vikingo de Jerez, describes that fact that Rowland looks like a viking and sounds like he comes from Jerez (the heart of flamenco in Spain.)

While working with Antonio Vargas, Rowland was given a secondary nickname by this Australian flamenco legend. El Lobo Rojo which translates as ‘The Red Wolf’ underlines ‘The Viking of Jerez’ and together these titles aptly describe Rowland’s tenacity and spirit; to master flamenco, promote the culture of southern Spain, and showcase great Australian flamenco performers and musicians.

Rowland Schultz is a big personality, a personality forged from the fire of being self-taught amongst a small, but passionate community of flamenco tribes in a land very far from his spiritual home. His drive comes years devoted to flamenco as a career (there is no day job for Rowland, just guitar) and his relentless spirit comes from a prominent profile that is self-built and self-promoted.

“His First CD Is, Quite Simply, First-Class…
The Music Speaks For Itself.”

Buleriando CDBULERIANDO is a huge accomplishment! The years of dedication to flamenco that have culminated in Rowland’s debut CD are obvious. The subtle Moorish undertones are punctuated with the brilliance of Micheal Kontochristos’ expert percussion and reinforced with Rowland’s often overlooked talent as an Oud player.

This CD of original compositions is definitely worthy of high rotation in any play-list, whether you’re a flamenco aficionado or just a lover of instrumental guitar music. For seasoned flamenco dancers and students, BULERIANDO (unlike many flamenco CDs) will not put you into work/compas mode, it relaxes and transports the listener. A journey that masterfully blends across the individual tracks, returning to a strong Moorish sound and then culminating in a very spiritual track that penetrates the soul with its final fade out and harmonic chant by Boaz Modman.

My only criticism is that I wanted more, for me this CD was merely the start of the journey and I look forward with an anticipation to be taken deeper…

Definitely worth the extra $10 when buying your tickets for the official Adelaide launch at the Promethean on the 17th.

Vikingo De Jerez Adelaide PosterThe dates for Adelaide are as follows:

Official Adelaide CD Launch

  • Thursday, February 17th

Adelaide Fringe Festival Dates

  • Friday, February 18th
    Saturday, February 19th
    Saturday, February 26th 

    • Nexus Cabaret.
      Lion Arts Centre: Cnr Morphett St & North Tce, Adelaide
    • 9pm each night
    • Tickets – $20 online – http://tinyurl.com/vikingo-fringe
      or call the box office on (08) 8225 8888

The lineup for the Adelaide tour consists of Rowland Schultz (flamenco guitar), Laura Uhe (dance), Stuart Henderson (percussion), Adelaide’s own Shaun Doddy (cajon) and Yasmine Amber (dance/palmas).

The CD ‘BULERIANDO’ can be purchased online at http://www.vikingodejerez.com

Also available on Itunes

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  1. Just want to say a special thanks to all the leading Adelaide Flamenco’s who were so welcoming and humble to meet and work with including Shaun Doddy, Titi De Algeciras, Veronica Vargas, Kirsty and Alo, Roshanne

    The Tour was fantastic and we all had a great time and some funny times and some bad times but it all came out in the wash! OLE!

    Signing Out and watch out for some previews to the next album on the official website for Vikingo De Jerez


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