Sebastian Sanchez Returns

It was in the article ‘Postcard from Andalusia‘ that we first heard of Sebastian’s return to Australia and there is no prize for guessing where he’s been…

But first up – and because a few of our subscribers may not of heard of him – lets skim through a quick biography of Sebastian Sanchez.

Sebastian Sanchez

Sebastian Sanchez

Flamenco Dancer, Sebastian Sanchez attended his first flamenco dance class in 2000 and continued training with Simone Pope in Brisbane and the various artists (expats) who regularly return to Australia with a suitcase full of choreography.

It wasn’t long before Sebastian began traveling to Spain himself for additional training.

When in Australia, Sebastian honed his talents as a male flamenco dancer working with companies such as Jaleos Flamenco, ‘Flamenco Fire’ and Dale Caña and finally decided to spend three full year in Seville training with Rafael Campallo, Manuel Betanzos, Andrés Peña, Pili Ogalla, Juan de los Reyes, Alejandro Granados and many others.

Having ‘earned his chops’ and with a wealth of fresh knowledge and contemporary experience to offer, it is with no wonder that Sebastian is conducting a series of regular flamenco classes in Brisbane (see below) including a special 3 day workshop while back in Australia.

In fact, his first big workshop STARTS TODAY in Queensland (Friday 29th October 2010) and you can catch him performing at The Basement in Sydney (Tuesday the 9th November at 9.30pm).

Flamenco Dance Workshops with Sebastian Sanchez

  • Sebastian Sanchez Brisbane FlamencoLevel 1 – Alegrias – Basic flamenco dance level, open to absolute beginners and early beginners (New Beg – Beg I levels)
    This Saturday and Sunday
  • Level 2 – Tarantos – Moderate flamenco dance level, at least two years flamenco dance experience (Beg II Lower to Lower Intermediate)
    This Friday night, Saturday and Sunday
  • Level 3 – Romance – Good flamenco dance level, at least three/four years flamenco dance experience (Upper Intermediate to Ongoing)
    This Friday night, Saturday and Sunday

The Venues are:
FRIDAY – ADPI Studios, 31-33 Collingwood St, Albion
SAT/SUN – QUT X block, Victoria Park Rd, KELVIN GROVE (around the corner from the Roundhouse Theatre).

Level 1 $65 (3hrs) or $35/1.5hr session
Level 2 $115 (5.5hrs) or $35/1.5hr session, $50/2hr session
Level 3 $115 (5.5hrs) or $35/1.5hr session, $50/2hr session

For Last Minute Enquiries: call Simone Pope on 3846 4909

Regular Classes with Sebastian Sanchez


  • Every Monday (Mon 11 October – Mon 22 November 2010)
  • 7:00pm – 8:30pm
  • ADPI Studio, 31-33 Collingwood St, Albion
  • email simone [at]

Coolum (Sunshine Coast)

  • Every Tuesday (Tue 19th October – Tue 7th December 2010)
  • 7:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Coolum Beach & Kilcoy School of Dance
  • 3/6 Link Crescent, Coolum Beach, QLD
  • Enquiries – website

Live at The Basement in Sydney

Sebastian Sanchez Flamenco Dancer

One of the major flamenco events this year will be held at one of Sydney’s premier venues and a landmark of Australian Live gigs. You will no doubt have seen ‘Live at Basement’ on ABC TV.

Sebastian Sanchez will be dancing along side Roshanne Wijeyeratne in what is shaping up to be a must see flamenco fusion event full of surprises and supported by an international and national line-up of flamenco talent.

Flamenco at The Basement happens on Tuesday the 9th November at 9.30pm.

…more details here.

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