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La Mirada Film Festival 2010The Melbourne, “La Mirada Film Festival” in 2010 will be co-programmed by Pedro Almodóvar with guest curators Martin Scorsese and Stephen Daldry.

La Mirada 2010 runs from April 1st until April 11th and features an exciting line-up of feature films, short films and documentaries. This Melbourne Spanish film festival has a strong following amongst Melbourne’s flamencos as does the film maker Pedro Almodóvar, but with him it’s on a more global scale. In previous years flamenco has featured well but no so much this year with Tango taking the spotlight.

Tango at La Mirada FestivalThe La Mirada Festival always kicks off with an opening gala, in 2010 this will be held on Thursday April 1st at 7pm, featuring DJ Emma Peel, Spanish cuisine, wine, beer and following on from the screening of  “Me Too (yo Tamnién)”. There is also a strong focus on Tango this year so keep hold of your film tickets if you wish to redeem the free introductory tango class at Robles Dance Academy.

The Mirada Film Festival 2010 also features two international guests; Antonio de la Torre, an acclaimed Spanish actor probably best known to Australian flamencos as ‘Paco’ in Volver (2006) and more recently he gained 33 kilos for the role of Enrique in Fat People (Gordos) (2009); and Jose Antonio Salgot, artist, film maker, singer-songwriter, novelist, photographer, comic illustrator, venue promoter and an all-round student of life and the arts.

Other events include All About Tango, true stories from great tango artists and free tango lessons; Spanish Cuisine and Film, lunch and the documentary ‘A Day At El Bulli’ (world famous restaurant); Q&A Sessions with Antonio de la Torre, Jose Antonio Salgot, Fabio Robles (tango dance instructor), Ana Andre (tango dancer), Guillermo Anad (tango composer), Dr Fay Bendrups (tango composer), Abel Martin (Spanish chef), and Raul Moreno Yague (sommelier), ; The Closing Night Party in the La Mirada Lounge with DJ’s and Spanish Tapas.

The La Mirada Films for 2010

Editors Note: The images featured each represent a selected film from the “La Mirada Film Festival” program, however they do not represent the film listing that they may appear next to on this page.

  • La Mirada Film festival 2010Me Too
  • Tango, A Story With Jews
  • Stranded I’ve Come From A Plane That Crashed On The Mountains
    • Náufragos: vengo de un avión que cayó en las montañas
    • France/Spain (2007)
    • Documentary (Gonzalo Arijón)
    • More details
  • Son & Moon
    • Diario de un astronauta
    • Spain (2008)
    • Documentary (Manuel Huerga)
    • Son & Moon trailer
  • Lovers
  • 25 Carat
    • 25 Kilates
    • Spain (2008)
    • Action-Thriller (Patxi Amézcua)
    • 25 Carat trailer
  • The Tango Lesson
  • A Good Man
    • Un Buen Hombre
    • Spain (2009)
    • Thriller (Juan Martínez Moreno)
    • The Good Man trailer
  • Hierro
    • Spain (2009)
    • Mystery/Thriller (Gabe Ibáñez)
    • Hierro trailer
  • A Matter of Principles
  • La Mirada Film festival 2010Agua Fría
  • Optical Illusions
    • Ilusiones ópticas
    • Chile (2009)
    • Comedy Drama (Cristian Jiménez)
    • Optical Illusions trailer
  • Map of the Sounds of Tokyo
  • A Day at El Bulli
    • Un Día en El Bulli
    • Spain (2008)
    • Documentary (Albert Adriá)
    • A Day at El Bulli trailer
  • Robbery at 3 O’clock
    • Atraco a las tres
    • Spain (1962)
    • Comedy (José María Forqué)
    • More details
  • The Damned
    • Los Condenados
    • Spain (2009)
    • Drama-Thriller (Isaki Lacuesta)
    • The Damned trailer
  • Ander
  • Mother Dearly Beloved
    • Mater Amatísima
    • Spain (1980)
    • Drama (José A. Salgot)
    • More details
  • The Last Summer of La Boyita
  • Café de los Maestros
  • Northless
    • Norteado
    • Mexico/Spain (2009)
    • Drama (Rigoberto Perezcano)
    • Northless trailer
  • La Mirada Film festival 2010Fat People
    • Gordos
    • Spain (2009)
    • Comedy-Drama (Daniel Sánchez Arévalo)
    • Fat People trailer
  • The Tango of my Life
  • The Island Inside
    • La Isla Interior
    • Spain (2009 )
    • Drama (Félix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso)
    • The Island Inside trailer
  • The Swindlers
    • Los Tramposos
    • Spain (1959)
    • Comedy (Pedro Lazaga)
    • More details
  • Teaserland
    • A collection of fake trailers by high profile directors
    • Teaserland trailer

So a little thin on flamenco this year, but plenty of tango at Melbourne’s Premier Spanish Film Festival in 2010

April 1st to April 11th

For a full program visit The La Mirada Film Festival Website

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