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Original photo by Mystroh

Original photo by Mystroh

Open Studio in Northcote (Melbourne) proudly embraced flamenco in 2010 and is quickly and accidentally becoming the place for flamencos to be.

But this is by no means a great flamenco venue; it’s small, the performers are squashed into the front window and if it were not for a board donated by Melbourne Flamenco, it’s hard to appreciate good footwork.

So why is this a great flamenco venue?

Quite simply, this is an independent and open venue where musicians, dancers and flamenco lovers can come together. And thanks to the variety of flamenco lovers who attend, whether flamenco is on the bill or not, the line between stage and audience is often blurred. This is one of those venues that is always filled with performers and entertainment can happen at any point and in any corner of the venue.

Thanks to flamenco guitarist ‘Vikingo De Jerez‘ (Rowland Schultz), Open Studio has played host to some of Australia’s great flamenco dancers, some of them as part of his ever changing guest lineup and many more who take to the boards when the night naturally transforms into a Gipsy juerga.

Vikingo de JerezFriday 15th October 2010

It happens this Friday at 9pm…

Vikingo De Jerez – Flamenco Andaluz

Discovered by Tommy Emmanuel in 2007, ‘Vikingo De Jerez’ – Rowland Schultz is a self-taught Flamenco Guitarist who has received much international recognition from some of the worlds most famous Flamenco Artists.

“‘Duquende’ described Vikingo as a Phenomenon.”

VENUE: Open Studio. 204 High St, Northcote
DATE: Friday 15th October 2010, 9pm until late
GUITAR: Rowland Schultz
DANCE: Laura Uhe & Aya Kitaoji
PERCUSSION: John Gould & special guest Michael Kontochristos

Special Guest: Michael Kontochristos is a classically trained percussionist with over 25 years experience. Now sought after as one of Australia’s most versatile and dynamic percussionists, specialising in Flamenco, Middle Eastern and Latin Music.

So with two gorgeous flamenco dancers, three extremely talented flamenco musicians and an open venue filled with talent…

Come join the party!!!

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